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Morphogenesis Driven by Cell-ECM Frictional Forces in Growing Tissues


小山 宏史  (基礎生物学研究所 初期発生研究部門, 助教) 

Hiroshi Koyama (National Institute for Basic Biology)



Growth of tissues is one of the main elements during development, but it is not well understood from the viewpoint of an element to generate complex morphologies, because it seems to “merely increase the size of the tissues. We have theoretically shown that, during the growth of tissues, another tissue located on the surface of the growing tissues can undergo various morphologies due to mechanical forces caused by the expansion. In other words, the surface tissues on the expanding tissues are subjected to frictional forces from the expanding “field,” causing tissue deformation such as elongation and branching. Furthermore, we have shown that this mechanism contributes to the elongation of the notochord in mouse embryos. In this research, we will search for new morphogenetic phenomena driven by expansion, while developing an image-based method for inferring frictional force. Using theoretical and experimental approaches, we hope to understand emergent phenomena caused by frictional forces between tissues.

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