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Multimodal Analysis of Bone Formation and Destruction Based on Decellularized Information of Bones at Different Life Stages


古川 克子 (東京工業大学 工学院機械系, 教授) 

Katsuko Furukawa (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)



In vivo environments, the balance between homeostasis and disease onset is controlled by receiving three-dimensional stimuli from the outside via the extracellular matrix. However, it remains a mystery how multimodal elements such as the type of extracellular matrix, its three-dimensional arrangement, density, pattern, and mechanical properties dynamically transmit information to cells and control organ formation and disease onset. In this study, we focus on the bone lumen surface that contacts the bone marrow, and decellularize biological tissues from individuals at various remodeling stages from juvenile to adulthood until the onset of osteoporosis, and investigate their details. Based on this information, we plan to investigate the effect of topological interfaces designed on cell differentiation. Through a series of in vivo and in vivo studies using bone as a model, we aim to understand the dynamic operating principle of the extracellular matrix in a multicellular system with a three-dimensional nano- and micro-convex interface structure.

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